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Originally Posted by themamboman View Post
1) I would have thought the CStormPPC and BPPC would have been under Expansions, but the only thing I found was a dropdown in the RAM settings window. Is that how we enable these emulated expansions?
It is in RAM panel because board emulation originally started as Blizzard 1230/1240/1260 emulation because it has special RAM mapping. RAM mapping emulation was the only goal at that point.. Then came warp engine and Blizzard 2060 and then cyberstorms and then it really went totally crazy with PPC..

It may be moved later..

2) Is the PearPC CPU included in the latest build? The one I downloaded was dated 8/1/2014. The dropdown mentioned in #1 still says NO PPC CPU!
No. It is in next beta.

Thanks again! Looking forward to trying WarpOS and PowerUP software one day!
We'll see if it actually usable or only "works"..
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