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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
You can do that anyway, acatune does nothing if run and not ACA card is there.
I think we had this discussion previously.. ACAtune often (always?) mistakenly detects an ACA in WinUAE. On my setup it detects an ACA630 if I have an A600 config and an ACA1230 if I select A1200. So ACAtune should not be run in WinUAE as it can cause a reboot loop like mentioned.

Edit: Running WinUAE as admin like fitzsteve writes often helps in accessing the memory card properly. On my machine it would only see the partition, not the whole card if it was not in admin mode. As admin, I did not need to clean the card using diskpart since it was then able to just overwrite the partition table. This behaviour might depend on the system and the card reader though.
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