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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Yes, m68k as interrupt master is better choice to mimic PowerUP (and WarpOS) environment.
I chose PowerUp for my first tests. WarpOS does not work, because it sets up the MMU to protect the $f60000 page.

- Can P5_DISABLE_INT be modified when PPC is active. Nothing happens when I try to change it, bit always stays set. And does it really stop interrupts?
Yes. It can be modified. From both CPUs, as soon as the PowerUp kernel is active. I wonder what makes it changeable. When PowerUp starts, it clears bit 1 of REG_INT, activating P5_ENABLE_IPL. P5_DISABLE_INT becomes 0. But when I clear P5_ENABLE_IPL after a reboot, without the PPC running, then P5_DISABLE_INT is still stuck at 1.

When I bring P5_DISABLE_INT back to 1, when PowerUp is running, then all PPC processes are frozen. So it definitely has an effect on the PPC. The M68k interrupts are still working.
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