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Originally Posted by phx View Post
But... perhaps SRCINC is not 16-bit aligned?
That was the very first thing I checked once I spotted this code! Right after the SCRINC variable a table follows which is accessed using words. Need I say moar? Stupid code is stupid!

Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
If it was possible i would even rip the graphics in order to replace the one painted from scratch by the ST graphist.
This is not going to happen! Graphics will stay as they are as I do not feel like wasting too much time implementing new graphics and adapting/(re)coding all routines for that!

Thanks to ADR Design for the tunes/samples, I will check them later! Much appreciated!

Current status of the port: I have added a keyboard handler so entering the name in the high-score table works now, added the menu code as already said and started optimising the code. So far the game is fully working and all features of the Atari ST version are present. Except for the music that is.
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