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Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
Maybe Sam Jordan (the author of WarpOS) could help you, Toni? I've found his email address...
Originally Posted by phx View Post
I knew him very good during his Amiga time (I wrote the WarpOS memory management and ppclibemu for him).
Frank(ly), is really ?! (I just wanted to ask if the author of ppclibemu and BPPCfix might be of help)

Btw. also thanks for helping Toni on this problem.

Originally Posted by phx View Post
I talked last to Sam more than four years ago. He left the Amiga more than a decade ago. He even left software development and earned a degree in Physics at a dutch University, where he probably is still working.
Yes, but theoretical physics at the University of Zurich, right? ->

Originally Posted by phx View Post
Nevertheless, even if he could remember anything, which I doubt, he took the same reengineering approach as Toni does now.
I am not sure about reengineering approach ?

Because, according to above link (check under "PowerASM)" he got access to prototype hardware, which allowed him to play with the PowerPC CPU's much time before endusers could buy the final hardware products. (and probably got some more infos about from board developer, I guess)

Originally Posted by phx View Post
Only Ralph Schmidt and a few other Phase5 employees have the real information.
Perhaps, but according the above project list, Sam might be also of help specially with his good knowledge about PowerPC (didnt he wrote PowerASM & WarpOS) and thus we will newer know if he is interested to project while it does not check, right ? (now we can only guess)

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