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Originally Posted by squale View Post
Is it important to setup the right machine in winuae ? Will it setup something that can't be changed after on the real machine ?
It's not crucial but if you want to know it will work exactly as setup in WinUAE it's best to use the same CPU (i.e 020/030/040/060) and if you have an FPU (060/040 have these biult in normally)

Also the correct Rom for your hardware, i.e an A600 Rom wont work (or not properly anyway) on an A1200.

Some software wont work with/without FPU for example and some boards (060's) need special libs.

Newer versions of WinUAE are fantastic for creating a setup for even complex target systems.

I setup a 40gb HDD in WinUAE that was destined for an A4000 060 with PicassoIV, using the PIV emulation in WinUAE, emulating an A4000 with 060 and the HDD worked perfectly in the target machine afterwards. I was able to fully setup and configure Picasso96 for RTG and the 060 libs for the end user, all ready to rock & roll.
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