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Set it up as an A600, with 3.1 rom (40.63) which is the correct version for A600 (Also A2000/A500)

Set as 68020 and 8mb Fast Ram no FPU.

You can install ACATune just you must comment out the acatune line in your startup sequence or just not create it until you put the SD card in the Amiga as ACATune causes a reboot loop on WinUAE if you call it in the SS.

A good ACAtune line for initial testing would be:

c:acatune -maprom * -maxmem >NIL:

This will Map your socketed 3.1 Rom into the ACA Fast Ram

-Maxmem command gives you the full 10mb Ram.

Read the ACATune Readme for other options available to your Card.
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