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Originally Posted by andoru View Post
Well as I specified a few times in this thread I'm looking for peeps that have real hardware and are willing to record stuff, so if you want, you could help me with those two platforms by sending me the unedited recordings, and I would process and tag them accordingly.
Unfortunately I don't have my unsplit wavs anymore. But for what it's worth I've stuck everything I've recorded so far onto my web server running from my home broadband.

A few notes:

- All the lossless stuff is in Wavpack format but it is trivial to convert over to FLAC if you want to do so.

- Files that end in an 'x' followed by a number are repeated x times because at the time I liked it so much, and it was so short that I felt it needed to be doubled up.

- Amiga music is in two sections: an Ogg Vorbis version with a 60% stereo downmix (ala SOAMC) and a Wavpack version with the original hard stereo separation.

- Music recorded at 44.1khz was recorded with a Creative X-Fi. 48khz recordings were made with a Creative Soundblaster Live (to get around the Live's poor resampling)

- For MD music I used a "High Definition" Megadrive Model 1 taken from the headphone socket. Amiga music was from an A1200. For C64 the model of SID chip is marked on every file.

- C64 recordings have been made with the Audio-In pin grounded to reduce the 64s background hum

- The few MD recordings are the complete game soundtracks. The C64 and Amiga stuff is more patchy. Some are complete games, some not. It's all a bit random. It's just whatever I liked at the time.

Anyway I would like to make some contributions to your collection. I will do my best to make the time to record the odd game soundtrack if you tell me what you want. It's quite difficult to provide "unedited" recordings from a real Megadrive as they have to be made via the music selection menu inside the game. These players tend to loop forever until you select the next song so the whole thing will be joined up so close splitting it would be next to impossible. It's far easier to record one track, stop audacity and add a small fade out so it doesn't just fall off a cliff.

Haven't recorded much in a while. I think I will add the link to my forum signatures and try to put more effort into expanding the library.
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