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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
Not only is he super talented at playing them but he creates and modifies a lot of his hardware and electronics too.
When you can do all that, maybe you deserve a PhD but then who needs one at that point. We should send this guy an Amiga or an fpgaArcade. Talk about talented and creative.
True. I've already seen those videos and he makes some impressive stuff. Maybe I just had a different idea of what a PhD would involve in this case. The work he put into his project is certainly more than what would be required for a PhD, although a PhD would demand some stuff on paper, like articles. Don't know if he did that as well.

But as you say, why would he need a formal PhD title? I wouldn't do him much good. His 'products' speak for themselves.

When I think of someone doing a PhD in chip music, I would consider it a kind of historian's thesis focusing on music on early computers, which is not what he is doing. He's more an artist using 8 bit music as a basis, although he would possess much of the knowledge which would be useful for the historian.
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