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Originally Posted by stainy View Post
I guess the sound will slow it down some?
Not too much as I will use standard Protracker modules.

Originally Posted by Crown View Post
This is like Christmas in summer! How much longer do you expect it to take?
There's still quite a bit to do as written in the first post. For now the plan is to have the game fully working which means I will have to recode all the menu stuff as the original ST game uses GEMDOS routines for it.

Originally Posted by Crown View Post
I hope that we will also have a trainer.
Of course, plus some other goodies as well.

Originally Posted by fryguy View Post
The C64 music was awesome
Just add PlaySID in Enduro Racer for Amiga
Yes, the C64 music is awesome indeed but I'll not use SID tunes in the Amiga version as emulating the SID is quite an CPU intensive task. Instead, I will use faithful renditions of the SID tunes in Protracker format.
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