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Originally Posted by phx View Post
This means you can create a graphics card in FPGA?
Graphics card in FPGA never was a problem but 3D accelerator board is a kind of demanding for FPGA even nowadays.

Originally Posted by phx View Post
Doesn't help much as there would be still no drivers. All modern graphics cards are undocumented. What we really need is an open graphics card.
Open graphics board suffer from same problem - lack of drivers - so first HW need to be designed, later drivers need to be done - in opposite way for already existing cards drivers need to be wrote and with latest trends to open HW this can be more reasonable.
Some vendors opens HW specs fully, some only partially - however as open drivers are important for Linux community large part of work can be already done.

Don't get me wrong but even 25$ Raspberry Pi have more powerful 3D (itself considered nowadays as relatively slow) than open source GPU that probably will ever fit to reasonable priced FPGA on Amiga.

There is some amount of GPU docs available and some projects ongoing as for example Nouveau

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