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Originally Posted by fpmpaolo View Post
@jbenam: thanks to you too...well yes I'm young, that's why I want to make up for lost time. I've been playing with some emus in my arcade cabinet, in my CAANOO, in my JXD s7800b but now it's time to speed up my lil 600...
Ohhh lovely, always wanted an arcade cabinet. I've got all the schematics in my mind, but no space at my flat

I had a JXD once, a S7100B, had to sell it because the software support on it was horrible and it did crash all the time And Uae4all2 wasn't out yet, so I was stuck with the outdated UAE4droid, to which the author didn't ever give much attention, sadly

Originally Posted by fpmpaolo View Post
I see you're younger than me though
That's what I get for reading stuff too fast - I read that you were 21! Instead it was your 600
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