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Guys there is no need to think that anyone trying to insult each other - based on this i can see reason why external PLL - seem Altera is not so flexible as it should be and there is quite large market PLL's designed to work with Altera (but not only).
I sometimes use circuit which can be replaced by something else because it is easier for me - searching for solution which is cheaper by 0.50$ or similar have perfect sense for me when large sale production is going - any 0.5$ saving will multiple immediately by ten and hundred thousands devices giving significant reduction of costs (i.e. provide higher income margin) but for hobby design sometimes it is better to have separate IC that cost 1 or 2$ and trust me - i work with product where Intel was not able design simple VCO/DCO (it is faulty by design) and external VCO is required - mistakes happen to all - even such companies as Intel. Sometimes it is better to use dedicated device than struggle with design (i assume flexible clock source can be done on Altera but perhaps it will require to many resources).

So relax, all Amiga hobbyist appreciate all efforts to provide new HW/SW, sometimes we ask - "hey, perhaps You can do this different?" (our impression better) but at some point we don't know all implications of project thus i would say all designers should see this more like good opportunity to share some thoughts than negative feedback - We All interested to make Amiga better and alive!
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