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Quick update,

Writing Amiga4096 was good to get me back into working on JetHunt. Here's how it's going from my code comments. (yes, I know slowly! )

To do
Titlepage - yes, some glitches which can be fixed later
Maingame - no tentacle, raft, deadly blocks yet
gameover - yes!
drawscreen - done I think!
dopause - yes - needs something onscreen though...
movehero - yes!
deadhero - yes - needs tweaking for restart and bomb anim
dobomb - yes! pauses during death sequence at the moment
collidebombhero - yes
collidebomb - yes with hero and walls and they disappear
dolaser - yes, does go through walls at the moment though
collidelaser - walls, Bat, moth, snake, lamp, spider done
dolava - yes! And it worked first time! Better than PC version!
getcontrols - yes
mapcol - yes
drawbads - all bar tentacle, raft and crushing wall done
initbads - yes
collidebads - lamp, bat, miner, spider and moth in so far
levelcomplete - yes!
restartlev - done!
setupvars - yes - called initvars in this one
resetcount - yes
about - yes
dostars - yes
intro - yes! Some timing tweaks maybe
outro - yes, some issues with the music so far...
dohighscores - not yet!
domenu- yes
initscores - yes
initopts - yes

Known bugs
When lava there, bottom is quite difficult, needs tweaking
Menu restores to an old state when coming from About page
Weird screen glitches in between titlpage/game/intro etc
Music sounds off on outro, may need another playroutine...
laser goes through walls and hits baddies at the moment
points explosion returns when reentering screen sometimes
explosion of wall appears on the next screen
explosion sprite doesn't look right, bitplanes look wrong
piece of wall missing when snake is killed
wrong frame showing after death and sprite drops in
collision needs a little work for accuracy tweaks/compromises
when dead, sometimes hero is brought back in the wall!
Seems to be slow on bare A1200, not optimised code yet though
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