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Hi there
Got my A1200 setup with 32 MB/50MHz/50Mhz FPU (Looking forward to Linux running on it) and 2 GB harddisk.

Also I have my harddisk external, because since I added a Scandoubler + FlickerFixer the harddisk doesn't fit in the A1200 any more.
To transfer PC->Amiga and viceversa I just plugg my harddisk from the Amiga to the PC with an IDE-(2,5"->3,5") Adapter and write to the harddisk at high speeds under Linux using the AFFS-support(=> 5MB/sec). Cost me very little and I can only suggest this to everybody, especially as my PC-Case is opne anyway all the time.

@Akira : Maybe think about getting a larger harddrive for your computer 2GB-> 25 $

P.S.: Playing new games for Cybergrafix/PPC and so doesn't seem reasonable to me as a PC with the same Power is like 100 times cheaper. So I only play oldschool games, preferaly 4Player -Adaptor games
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