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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Some infos/findings regarding PPC if can help somehow...
Does not help. I already said linux or other os that takes over the system simply stops the m68k after ppc has been started and forgets about m68k completely. This is not how powerup running with amigaos works.

Hardware is officially undocumented.

Originally Posted by huepper View Post
I have tried to boot up OS4 Classic, i know it won't run.
But i think or hope, it will help you in some way.
I used the last beta you have posted.

btw. nice warning
That message is gone in next version and most likely ppc emulator will execute at least some instructions before it probably dies for some unknown reason..

btw, could someone list urls to csppc/bppc compatible netbsd or linux kernels? I only need bootloader + kernel to test if switching off m68k works correctly.
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