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Originally Posted by huepper View Post
Hello Tony, thanks for your work on (partially) PPC-Emulation.
I have tested setups with Blizzard PPC and Cyberstorm PPC.

With Blizzard PPC i will have no fast memory on WB. (set to 128 MB)
With Cyberstorm PPC the 128 MB will appear.
Works in my version so I guess it is already fixed.

Originally Posted by B14ck W01f View Post
Is Toni actually going to add PPC emulation? Here I am sitting here thinking that he would never add PPC because he says so. I have a motto that I always follow. It is "Expect the unexpected".
Yes. But there are some IFs: No working PPC emulation if PPC emulator core is not good enough or has bugs (Using QEMU PPC core won't be easy). I don't debug PPC code. No working PPC emulator if no one knows or (possibly accidentally solves) how CSPPC/BPPC interrupt related registers work.

My work is done when some PPC test program runs correctly. The rest is probably Someone Else's Problem.

Originally Posted by Schlachtwerk View Post
What is with SheepShaver or is the PPC Part useless for WinUAE ?
Useless. No MMU and also it seems to be incomplete. (Not all instructions are emulated)
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