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Just don't like the style of questioning for a decision that has been already made as if the question itself would have any effect for something that happened in the past. Board has already been made and it on a plane. Parts ordered.

If it breaks the system, surely I would look into that.
Something that's not needed, eventually may be I would decide to remove it. I am the board prime, boss and investor, I have the final say in the matter.

Given the reasoning that I *had* based on the history why the part was there and how the board evolved was apparently wasn't good enough for you or that you don't care about what I said.

The "yes it can", but without examples of "how" to do it for a layman like myself isn't productive. No examples means I can't use it. Nor have you address my concerns.
Not every one is a FPGA expert like you. Keep saying the same thing when I have given you more detail is not helping me.

For me it is a non productive feedback.

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