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I released a new version of the list, could a moderator update the first post to include the proper links? Thanks.


Originally Posted by Hanzu View Post
I had also made a list four years
You can use my list, it's free (as in freedom). I can supply an Excel/OpenOffice spreadsheet if you need.

Many games on your list do not support four joysticks, they use a nullmodem connection or keyboard controls. I did find a few I didn't know about though - thanks.

Can anybody confirm or deny that Payback supports a joystick adapter? Does it have some multiplayer melee mode or something like that?

Also, I can't find the following titles from Hanzu's list, can anybody help:

Camel Racer* (CDTV/CD32)
Gangster Pursuit* (CDTV/CD32)
Qatbol (OCS/ECS) (1990)


(found "Space Power" in the meantime)

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