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Note to "outside" observers: my goal (if there even is any), is to run some simple PPC programs that work under AOS3, just because you can, perhaps also see what happens with netbsd and linux. Thats all. Do not expect anything else, do not assume anything else. At least not for free.

Originally Posted by ED-209 View Post
Np Tony
I understand that.. Blood Money is obviously an oddball case that accidentally works on occasion. I only mention because it seemed directly affected with latest update.
It shouldn't unless your config was not "normal". (68030+ cycle exact has changed). There is only real change if 68020 (or lower) mode works now differently.

WHD games consist of 90% of what I do on winuae.. Do you want me to still report problems in the future, when you are working on CE improvements?
There are cases where some games run more accurately with CE off.
Surely WHD compatibility reports aren't completely useless, are they?
No, mostly useless only. Only obvious huge glitches are acceptable if it can't be duplicate using original version using original configuration.

Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
Regarding PowerPC emulation, did you consider the PPC cores used by Dolphin, the GameCube/Wii emulator?
Yes but consoles rarely have same CPU, some features may be cut, some added and so on.

PearPC only because it was simplest. So far QEMU is still the best option, it is the most compatible. Speed is irrelevant. (and not enough inspiration)
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