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Originally Posted by ED-209 View Post
Quickest way to reproduce:
- load A4000/030 quickstart config
- load workbench
- enable CE in GUI
- run sysinfo, run speed test

previous releases: test completes with a brief hang reporting CPU speed of 29.. normal behavior (see pic 1)

beta 8: test freezes during "computing mflops" for a huge amount of time then reports abnormal speed of 16.. or freezes indefinitely. Both times I tried this with quickstart it froze forever (see pic 2)
Sorry, but have similar problem (quoted config is patched) with another config (latest betas) select:
- Quickstart A1200 + 4MB fast
- CPU 68040 and CPU Frequency 8x
- boot into Workbench and run SysInfo -> Speed
causes Reset and "Software Failure".
PS. 68030 is working fine.

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