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I agree with this assessment. Only problem-- how do I correct it?? Will the recovery disk do the trick? Simply reflashing the firmware did not help.

Sorry about your allergy. I just got over mine on Thursday. By Monday, it will return again.

Originally Posted by Photon View Post
Bingo. F4+F5 should have worked too.

I think you get 1.8MB $c0 RAM _ONLY_ - 300K Aux stolen RAM, regardless of settings.

Agree with Fitzsteve, something is preventing the Expert Menu settings from getting stored/acted upon as you see them in the Expert Menu. Flash electrical error or firmware error.

Electrical error borking the flash store would mean the store check would lie to the firmware or the firmware would accept a failed store as an OK store. Highly unlikely.

I don't think there is a fault in acting upon the settings or the auto-detection of existing memory, since your chipram is detected etc. So new firmware to address the stored settings. This is as far as my logic takes me without looking at that code, which I will not due to allergy. Work allergy
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