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On above link its said:

The G3 is a considerable improvement on the 604 design rendering a great deal of software incompatible.
The PearPC emu use only G3 and G4 PPC CPU emulation (one of CPUs currently you're trying to implement into WinUAE), but BPPC needs 603e and CSPPC needs 604e that were emulated in QEMU and this unfortunately looks complicated to implement into WinUAE (what you said). Thus, according to above quote, could be expected some great software incompatibility from the G3/G4 emulation anyway.

EDIT: Mess emu might have those CPUs emulated, but dont know how good ... also it seems the license might be not compatible with the WinUAE anyway.

EDIT2: So this G3/G4 CPUs might be good enough only for an AmigaOne emulation (in case you change your mind ->

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
No but there has not been any compatibility improvements in this beta, nothing has really happened except support for "fastest possible cycle exact" mode. Which obviously has nothing to do with compatibility
I'm glad to hear that still does not give up.

p.s. Perhaps you meant to say: "fastest possible cycle exact" not accurate enough mode !

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