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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
When using BPPC config in latest Beta 8 test zip in SysInfo got allocated memory space 15MB on $68xxxxxx and 16MB on $08xxxxxx ?! (w/o and also when using MapROM)
(seems it happens from beta 5 but didnt it noticed till now)

EDIT: Seems there is still problem with BPPC saving changes after changes in boot menu (use, save) ?!
Manage to do it once today but now, even when renaming new flash, got corrupted unworking flash ?! (WinUAE beta 8 test zip)
Can't duplicate. Works fine here, multiple times changed.

Originally Posted by ED-209 View Post
Quickest way to reproduce:
- load A4000/030 quickstart config
- load workbench
- enable CE in GUI
- run sysinfo, run speed test

previous releases: test completes with a brief hang reporting CPU speed of 29.. normal behavior (see pic 1)
Hmm.. But in previous releases fastest possible + cycle exact didn't even work and I am quite sure you have this option selected, right?

beta 8: test freezes during "computing mflops" for a huge amount of time then reports abnormal speed of 16.. or freezes indefinitely. Both times I tried this with quickstart it froze forever (see pic 2)
This is fixed (which only happened with fastest possible + cycle exact). It can still cause slowdown and high CPU% during tight loops (like speed tests) but it won't hang anymore.
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