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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
You can save memory by not saving the Amiga screen buffers.

By simply accessing the screen convert routine, it will automatically take the present ST screen and convert it for you in place saving memory
That will save a little memory in the save state (at the cost of a little more complexity) but won't avoid the current problems that occur if the slave doesn't sit in the exact position that it did before.

I added a couple of nops to the slave to test what would happen with a future slave update and WHDLoad bombs out with an "unsupported version" error. Several registers suddenly had strange values and I guess the stuff on the stack would potentially be a real mess.

Loading the save game on a different config (less memory, different CPU etc) locked up the game completely too. I even tried re-running the patch of the AMIGA file so the addresses would be recalculated but it didn't help.
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