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When using BPPC config in latest Beta 8 test zip in SysInfo got allocated memory space 15MB on $68xxxxxx and 16MB on $08xxxxxx ?! (w/o and also when using MapROM)
(seems it happens from beta 5 but didnt it noticed till now)

p.s. Btw. The easiest way to enter into BPPC/CSMK3/CSPPC boot menu is to watch power led and in moment when it lit quick press/release Esc key and then keep depressed until boot menu shows.

EDIT: Seems there is still problem with BPPC saving changes after changes in boot menu (use, save) ?!
Manage to do it once today but now, even when renaming new flash, got corrupted unworking flash ?! (WinUAE beta 8 test zip)

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