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Originally Posted by Codetapper View Post
This game really needs the ability to save your progress.

I have made a modification to the WHDLoad version to allow a quick save option by pressing 'S' and you can re-load a saved game by pressing 'L'. But there are some side-effects. You must have the exact same configuration to reload the save game or it won't work (complete lockups sometimes). A newer slave will most likely break your save game too.

I guess it's more use as a memory save than anything else. If anybody wants to test it, please let me know. It's basically just saving vital chip memory so it's a real hack. But it's nice to not have to retrace your steps as you can get killed randomly, plus your colleagues are thick as planks sometimes and get stuck, fall off cliffs, drown etc.

I would ideally like it to be a proper save game but you have to save both Atari ST screen buffers at $70000, both Amiga screen buffers (at $30000 and $5e300), the ST memory (at $1000) plus whatever else the game changes, which could be directly into the map buffers etc. So this hack might be as good as I can do for real Amiga users unless someone else has a better plan.
You can save memory by not saving the Amiga screen buffers.

By simply accessing the screen convert routine, it will automatically take the present ST screen and convert it for you in place saving memory
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