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WinUAE Wizard

After seeing DJay's mock screenshot of a WinUAE Wizard, I was inspired () so I coded one today
You'll find it attached (it's only 65kb compressed)

At the moment, I've only tested it successfully with 0.8.22r5. When I ran it on 0.8.8r9 it died. This is simply a config problem. Nothing to do with the actual program.

Anyway. It's simple to use:
- Unpack the zip wherever you want (to keep everything in 1 directory, I unpacked to my WinUAE directory, but it's not necessary).
- Run the prog.
- You'll be prompted with message boxes telling you how to proceed. Just follow the steps...Not everything is necessary. The only *required* thing you need to configure is the WinUAE executable, although if you don't give a kickstart, don't expect to get anywhere
- Once the setup is done, a file will be saved into the directory of the executable called "launcher.cfg". With this file in place, you don't have to go through and do the setup over and over again.
- You'll be prompted with a GUI that looks like DJay's. It works the same. The top button launches WinUAE with an A500 config. The middle launches it with an A1200 config, and the last one boots WinUAE's GUI.

That's it. Simple
As I type this, I can think of a couple of bugs so obviously, this isn't a final release.
Please test it and tell me what y'all find wrong with it. Also, if you don't like my config, please suggest a better one (I use this config all the time on WinUAE with virtually no problems....well....Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker flickers ALOT with this config...anyone? )
If you want to change the config it boots up, just replace the relevant config in LConfigs/ with your own one. If someone has an excellent config that works with WinUAE 0.8.8r8 and works with the latest one flawlessly, then I'd be interested.

I don't know if I'll continue with this prog. Perhaps if people want it. If so, I'll add step by step configurations, or something like that, as well as some other features (suggest some if you want).

Enough babble from me then


Oh. If it asks for any DLL's or anything, tell me. I don't know what to distribute. I statically linked some into the EXE, so I hope I don't need to distribute any more.
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