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Originally Posted by robinsonb5 View Post
There are two situations in which a Gotek with sound mod will make a sound where a normal drive won't:
* The sound mod doesn't have any drive select circuitry so it will sound when a step pulse is sent to any drive, not just the gotek itself.
* Real drives will generally refuse to step inward beyond track 0, and the various "no-click" hacks to stop empty drives clicking periodically exploit this fact by asking the drive to step to track -1. The drive ignores the command, so doesn't click, but still updates the "disk inserted" signal.

This is just guesswork, since I haven't tested yet - but I reckon Cannon Fodder is monitoring all four drives' disk inserted signals (using the no-click method) to detect the disk change, and doing so very rapidly, hence the scream.
Ah i never thought of that yeah i guess that's does the first set of clicks then on the next try goes nuts for a bit then returns to the first set of clicks etc.

Just checked with winuae and it does pickup the second disk in the fourth drive. Maybe mystery solved?

Would be easy if e.g pin34 or motor pin could be inverted to only turn speaker on when the drive should be on. I have managed a similar thing (which creates the correct drive sound) by controlling the speaker with both pin34 and stepN but i doubt its the correct way to be doing it.

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