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Originally Posted by Arling View Post
Sounds Great . Here it would also be Fantastic / Great if The PPC CPU will get it's own threat too.
(PPC emulation may be a threat to someone but I guess we are talking about threads )

It really depends, the more there is PPC CPU IO accesses (IO accesses that require recalculation of emulator state variables, like access to CIA timers, most custom chipset registers, etc..), the slower it will be due to required cross-thread syncronization (You don't want both threads to calculate state variables at the same time..). Only pure RAM accesses can be unsynchronized and IO accesses that don't cause side-effects (like reading mouse button state)

Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
All right then...
When "MapROM" were checked in rom option the B2060 in SysInfo showed memory reduced for last 512k so I hoped maybe MapROM is working, but unfortunately it only appeared to work.
At least rom code does not detect map rom correctly and automatically do the rom copy to fast ram even if "jumper" is set. Perhaps it still allocates the memory (at least in some situations) but it isn't really doing anything else.

Anyone have Blizzard 2060 and can do some quick tests?

Originally Posted by Zilog View Post
I have new/old problem; i have crash of winuae with use Rtg if use at Warp Engine A4000 configuration with or without Jitter; perhaps is same problem with "z3 jit direct compatibile....".
Yes, same problem. Z3 autoconfig + RTG board is annoying to handle with current code, probably needs better design first..
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