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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
Right then folks, here is BETA v1.8 uploaded to YouTube. Still a few more bugs to sort out, this is running in a cycle exact A500 512K chip mem, 512k slow mem environment. As you can see speedwise, its perfectly playable on A500 assuming that WinUAE is accurate which I think it is.

Please don't worry about some of the flashing artifacts in the video, I guess i'm using a really shitty codec to output the video from WinUAE, in reality its a stable image.

A few ingame bugs left to sort and maybe add one other tune that ADR Design did that is another different variant on the ST original.

I've left in the disk loading sounds so you can get an idea of loading times. Any comments welcomed

Here it is: [ Show youtube player ]
get the game to work on amiga 600 cd32 and cdtv but wood not work on minimig i try again
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