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Originally Posted by solarice View Post
I've asked kipper2k but as he seems to be a busy guy i figured asking here might help get more heads on the problem / a solution. As it doesn't happen in either winuae or on a real drive its gotta be a gotek thing.
There are two situations in which a Gotek with sound mod will make a sound where a normal drive won't:
* The sound mod doesn't have any drive select circuitry so it will sound when a step pulse is sent to any drive, not just the gotek itself.
* Real drives will generally refuse to step inward beyond track 0, and the various "no-click" hacks to stop empty drives clicking periodically exploit this fact by asking the drive to step to track -1. The drive ignores the command, so doesn't click, but still updates the "disk inserted" signal.

This is just guesswork, since I haven't tested yet - but I reckon Cannon Fodder is monitoring all four drives' disk inserted signals (using the no-click method) to detect the disk change, and doing so very rapidly, hence the scream.
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