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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
I don't know if its just me but the direction controls seem wrong. I push right on my joypad and was expecting the character to walk to the bottom right corner but instead he walks to the top right corner. Similarly pushing down makes him walk to the bottom right corner instead of the bottom left. The controls in this seem very odd and unintuitive to me. Maybe thats just me though.
Me,too. But maybe it means:

Today I confirmed "The Great Esape"(ZX Spectrum version), a previous adventure game by Denton.
It was the same control so we have to get used to this control.

Originally Posted by Asman View Post
This is the question. I spent today few hours to find something interesting exclusive game. Interesting for me of course, mean shmup or platform game. And nothing. Some small Atari ST gem would be perfect.
How do you think "Verminator" ? I think it is one of worthy platform games as ST exclusive.
And original disk won't boot using ST emulator for 68k-020 Amigas...

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