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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Not sure for OS4, but maybe you could try with MorphOS ->
He hasn't got a motherboard in there

Originally Posted by Retroboy View Post
Hi Everyone i have a an empty power mac mdd model shell which i took everything out because the mother board was toast. Is there anyway i could put the components inside that empity shell so it will run os 4 with the updates?Essentialy it would be a completely new machine new stuff inside.
Since you haven't got a motherboard, you need a new one.

Pretty sure the PowerMac hasn't got standard ATX cut-offs on the back, so prepare yourself for lot of hackery, with glue and sawing off.

You could buy a SAM as the new motherboard for the case. It supports Amiga OS 4.x.

Be warned, they don't come for cheap: https://acube-systemsbiz.serversicur...m-motherboards
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