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Originally Posted by toni
Second is most likely display driver control panel setting, to allow or not allow display scaling. I recommend using filter panel and setting scaling manually, if you use only integer scaling values (2x, 3x etc..) there is no blurriness (if you don't want it).
I had another look over the AMD Catalyst Control Center and found "enable GPU scaling", "scale image to full size panel" and that worked a treat so thank you toni

The Blood Money issue is the WHDLoad version from WHDownload. The issue is very strange I can't seem to pinpoint it to a specific problem. 1 out of 30 tries it plays the title music at the correct speed then once I reset winuae and try again it plays slow again the rest of the time, very weird. All other WHDLoad games I have tested seem to run fine at correct speeds. Never had this problem on XP with the very same install.
I tried the latest beta too with no success.

Out of curiosity I tried good old WinUAE 1.6.1 and also 2.3.1 and they seem to run the game at just over 60fps which is slightly too fast of course but a strange result, again I couldn't seem to find a way to slow it down this time, opposite effect lol
I guess we shouldn't go back in time though to try and solve an issue

Same result with FS-UAE until I clicked the NTSC setting which made it the correct speed, got some graphics flickering issues this way though, was expected.
Still found no real fix :/

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