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Originally Posted by SaphirJD View Post
A1200 quickstart works fine, no higher cpu usage - And i did what you suggested, i choose temporalrily an empty folder without configurations inside - makes also no difference.

But what's making a difference in Beta 6 is in Cycle Exact mode with Quickstart A4000 030 if i change the switch from fastest possible towards approximate A500/A1200 - but it should make no difference in that case since after all it is cycle exact mode?
Cycle exact always required "approximate" setting previously. It still does but now "fastest possible" is also available (as explained in changelog).

Previously it was always forced back to "approximate" if CE was selected. (It means "a500/a1200 approximate" or "cycle-exact" as in any cycle-exact mode, not just a500/a1200)

Fastest possible + CE is not really finished yet.
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