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A1200 quickstart works fine, no higher cpu usage - And i did what you suggested, i choose temporalrily an empty folder without configurations inside - makes also no difference.

But what's making a difference in Beta 6 is in Cycle Exact mode with Quickstart A4000 030 if i change the switch from fastest possible towards approximate A500/A1200 - but it should make no difference in that case since after all it is cycle exact mode?

Edit the last hopefully!

Gone back now to 2.8.1 which is used in Amiga Forever, tried to load also that similar config there - in direct comparison i found the following out: in 2.8.1 iN Cycle exact mode, no matter if A1200 or A4000 the additional checkboxes for fastest possible and approximate A500/A1200 mode under CPU and FPU are greyed out and can not be changed, while in 2.8.2 Beta 6 and 5 they are not greyed out and can be changed under Cycle exact mode. This is the first thing which seems to be wrong?

In 2.8.1 which is used right now in Amiga Forever i can run demos like TBL Glow and Goa in Cycle exact A4000 030 mode with a custom CPU frequency of 40 MHZ without distorting sound while under 2.8.2 Beta 6 with that same value i have distorted sound.

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