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Question New computer, Blood Money & also a full screen issue.

Ok so I recently got a new computer, i5, quad core with 16gb ram with a 2GB AMD RADEON R9 270 and I'm having issues with my old WinUAE/Classic Workbench UAE install that I have used for years with XP with no problems ever. I have updated WinUAE to the latest stable version from the website but the music seems to be running slow for one specific game which is Blood Money (WHDLoad version). The intro music seems like its running half the speed, it's not noticeable during ingame play although the music is slow anyway so maybe I can't tell so well.

Also another issue I have is when I go full screen it doesn't fill the screen but rather is a tiny screen in the middle (no filters set, I never used filters in the past with xp either) which is very annoying. I tried setting WinUAE to the monitors resolution but this seemed to make no difference whatsoever :/
I am also having similar issues with full screen size in Atari ST emulators 'Winston' and 'Steem SSE', which were also fine when I was running them on XP.
My current OS is Windows 7 with a monitor resolution of 1920x1080 using an HDMI lead at 1080p.

Edit Seems that Blood Money title music issue is some kind of WHDLoad issue, the floppy of the game in A500 quickstart settings runs perfectly

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