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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post

About PPC emulation. It is now possible, at least technically, all other pieces are now done (at least partially). QEMU has license compatible and apparently very good PPC CPU emulator, including MMU and dynamic translation and it is proven to boot at least Linux.

Only need someone who knows QEMU inside out and can create standalone PPC emulator module that is black box that only needs few functions: read physical address, write physical address, reset PPC, set interrupt level, set CPU parameters. There appears to be some kind of CPU API/class but because it is unstable, internal only API, there is no documentation.

Note that I still don't care what happens will happens in PPC side. If/when Blizzard PPC/CyberStorm PPC can run some small PPC programs = it is done.
You are on fire, no doubt

I hope you can also emulate the BVision someday.

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