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I was considering similar scenarios with my setup as well since it could have been a long time before I settled on the right CF card. One of the possibilities I had in mind was this:

And then something really old and perhaps not worth the time at all:

Ahhh...I believe you are also talking about ParNET. I still have a ParNET cable in a box somewhere but I did not label it properly. It could just be a standard parallel cable and I know hooking that up between computers could be damaging. Actually, this was intended for use between TWO Amiga computers. Since I only have one REAL Amiga (the A500), the other one would have to be WinUAE. I somehow doubt there is ParNET support for WinUAE since the built-in bsdsocket library networking is so successful.

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Back in the day I used to use 720k Disks and split/join ADF's and later a networking cable to my PC's printer port. The good old days

Otherwise it's just as easy to wait for your CF and then just write the latest flash.

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