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Yes mate! And thank you for asking!
There will be another 'in house' demo going soon. The main engine is much improved and dare I say about 90% complete. I'm just about at the point where I can start throwing stuff in there.
Object code placement is much improved as well as the memory handling for the characters. There is enough room for 6-7 different types of goon at once. AI handling has been improve at a basic level (it behaves much more like the arcade IMO). However it totally lacks any differentiation among the different types (no unique AI as yet) and collision detection with the player is currently off. No doubt it will be some time before it's all running fast & smoothly again.
Copper colours for stages 1.3 and 2.1 are in. Right now I'm working on stage 2.1, then through again to Sodom and and stage 3.1 and I'm out of gfx! Hopefully by then someone will come to my rescue again.
Right now it's all about getting some stages in there and their unique features while keeping the BB code small and re-usable as possible.
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