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Originally Posted by adrdesign View Post

Hope this will work
I like cats.

Right folks, heres the skinny.

Where Time Stood Still is done....finished.....finito.

However, there is the possibility that something cool might happen to it before we can release it.

I won't say what it is, but its not in my hands, its in someone elses.

If the people responsible agree, then it will be released this Friday/Saturday.

If the people responsible don't agree, then it could well be released in the next day or so.

I really can't state what this thing is, I just ask you to be patient, I think its pretty cool if it happens, and I also think those that were involved will think its pretty cool as well.

I really wish I could give details, unfortunately I can't, but i'm certain I will get a decision today (good or bad), and once I have that, then i'll be able to come back here and give a firm date for release.

But rest assured, the game is done and complete.

And ADRDesign, at the eleventh hour, I changed the default music for the game to your Remix version, its really grown on me, and I think its just a lot more impressive sounding than the 1:1 copy you did of the ST original.

Another thread will appear in a while which will be the release thread for the game.

Shes done
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