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I am ashamed to mention that I did not create the recovery disk when I first received the unit. I was not sure if that was going to require a CF or a floppy disk and I only have floppy disks at the moment. I see now that it just needs a floppy but if the flash memory is suspect now, it will not do me any good to make a backup, correct?

So, even though I clearly see the MapROM option saying "off", it may actually be on? That would appear to explain what I am seeing. I have no way to recover to a clean environment, though.

Hmmm....then again, if someone else has made a recovery disk, is it possible for another ACA500 owner to use it to recover? Is the data written to disk in a special format? Is it just a file??

The flash environment isn't too damaged that it does not work, it is just not saving properly it would seem.

As for a noticeable improvement with maprom enabled, that will be hard to judge right now since I am only working from floppies. I do not have any software available that I can use to test it further. I was planning on loading a lot of .adf files once I receive my CF cards in the mail.

Originally Posted by CrashMidnick View Post
Try to go back to your original settings with your recovery disk and then reflash it with the last firmware.

Mine was corrupt at some point : I was not able to switch off the maprom function. Maybe this tip will solve your problem like me...

If you activate maprom, do you see speed improvement in your WB ? How much memory you have when activited, 1mb or 1.5mb ?
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