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Originally Posted by Leandro Jardim View Post
A4000 CyberStorm MKIII 060 with 128 MB fails with ramlib guru #80000003. Why?
I think I already said somewhere else that your config is too complex. If not debugging vsync: disable it. Always! No fullscreen. Boot with standard WB disk. If it works, then and only then boot with your custom WB, without using IDE emulation (and every other unnecessary option disabled). If _still not_ problem, then, and only then start adding them back until problem comes back.

If you say "config this and that does not work", you are supposed to only test that part of hardware to confirm the problem.

btw, also include some useful information, for example does 68060 work without that board? Is it really the RAM, 64M works? and so on.

ramlib problem is usually software problem, like too low stack. (and those boards have lots of software in flash)
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