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Question Tweaking Auto Integer Scaling Further

I just returned to using WinUAE after a long break so I missed a few releases and am now using the latest release and the latest beta.

Right now I'm using a non-laced HiRes PAL resolution with my 1920x1080 LED and Auto Integer Scaling horizontally fills the entire screen in a pixel-precise manner, cropping out the unnecessary border areas etc. This is the best look I could come up with by tinkering with the overscan settings.

However I'd like to get rid of the black bars on the top and the bottom. In other words, I only need to have integer scaling on the horizontal plane and be able to break pixel precision vertically by tweaking it with the Vert. size slider which does nothing at the moment.

Speaking as a user experience designer I see a slight problem here. I'd expect that tweaking the sliders would override the auto integer scaling by having the scaling setting to force-switch to manual mode but letting the user to continue from what auto integer scaling previously calculated.

Either that or manually switching to "manual" mode could have kept the previous scaling data.

I'm fine with editing the configurations manually but AFAIK there's no way to know the resulting Auto Integer Scaling calculation data so that one could modify it. Right?

The reason I'm using integer scaling is because I can't stand garbled gui elements in workbench but I'm mostly annoyed with the way they look on the horizontal plane. I'm using sweetfx and filters on games and such so rarely notice problems there.

Sorry about the excess use of word "scaling". I hope all this made sense.
Any suggestions?
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