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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
EDIT3: Now only problematic accelerator remains "Warp Engine 4000" mentioned in post #89. Still got only black screen even WarpEngine_A4000.bin is placed on correct location together with others Blizzard/CyberStorm files, but it still doesnt boot ... maybe is something wrong with the config file attached in in post #89 ?!
Attached config works fine here. Check log, it should have "Warp Engine SCSI Z3 autoconfigured at 40000000" line.

EDIT: It does not appear to work if Z3 autoconfig hack must be used (not enough address space = 32-bit Windows). Will be fixed.

Originally Posted by pucci View Post
why no CyberStorm MK3, CyberStorm PPC, Blizzard PPC configuration in rommgr.cpp?
It can't work (flash based). Read changelogs more carefully.

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