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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Even more reliable method is to have 1s delay enabled, when it boots, press and quickly release ESC, then immediately press it again and keep it pressed until boot menu appears.
Unfortunately it doesnt work on my WinUAE config for Blizzard/CyberStorm PPC settings ... even all flashes are renamed correctly and placed in ROM folder of WinUAE, for some reason it failed to load. (otherwise it will show boot screen, right)

EDIT: Finally managed to get into boot screen of BlizzardPPC (see on pic. below)!

p.s. The problem was in "Paths/System Roms" didnt point to right location. (perhaps somehow was changed, hm, but how then all other Blizzards 1230/1260 was working fine ?!)

EDIT2: BlizzardPPC has already implemented 68060.library into flash so thus it shows already right CPU in SysInfo (pic.2) in comparison for ex. with Blizzard1260. Nice.

EDIT3: Now only problematic accelerator remains "Warp Engine 4000" mentioned in post #89. Still got only black screen even WarpEngine_A4000.bin is placed on correct location together with others Blizzard/CyberStorm files, but it still doesnt boot ... maybe is something wrong with the config file attached in in post #89 ?!

EDIT4: Noticed for BlittardPPC, if go into boot menu and system change to MapROM, use, save ... it will reset and save/change blizzardppc.rom flash into 512 file ...
but, if now reset Amiga and go into boot menu again the changes will be not there (it will be the same as before with noMapROM) ...
but, if quit WinUAE and start BlizzardPPC the changes will be there to MapROM ... so seems it doesnt recognize changes after being saved from 256k file into 512k file until WinUAE was quit and loaded again ?! (seems it is same even with 512k file)

Note: For emulated CyberStorm MKIII/PPC the changes in boot menu are visible after every Amiga reset with entering into boot menu ! (what is not the case with emulated Blizzard PPC ... dont know does it behave same in real Amiga)
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