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Flash rom image is probably missing or failed to load. (Check early boot menu, it should list one autoconfig entry)

EDIT: you did rename them as was said in beta changelog?

Log should have multiple lines like these:

CS IO BPUT 00f60038 ff PC=00f001f2
CS IO BGET 00f60018=7F PC=00f00554
CS IO BGET 00f60020=7F PC=00f0056e
CS IO BPUT 00f7003d 42 PC=00f00580
CS IO BPUT 00f70024 42 PC=00f0058a
CS IO BPUT 00f70034 42 PC=00f005b4
CS IO BPUT 00f70028 42 PC=00f005de
CS IO BPUT 00f70038 42 PC=00f00608
Card slot = PCMCIA. A1200 has one, A4000 does not.
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