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With A1200 config manage to run only Blizzards1230 and 1260 accerelators (except BlizzardPPC ... dont know what doing wrong) ?!
Even manage to run Blizzard2060 with A2000 setting.

Is it possible to provide/attach an example config-file for BlizzardPPC ?

p.s. Regarding CyberStorm MkIII and CyberStormPPC (no PPC CPU!) ... isnt this the same thing ?! (what is the difference ?)

p.s.2. Also didnt manage to run any A4000 CyberStorm Accelerator ! (must something doing wrong)

p.s.3. Regarding missing PPC CPU ... doesnt QEMU already suppport PowerPC 603e (missing in BlizzardPPC) and PowerPC 604e (missing in CyberStormPPC) ?!
(mentioning that because some of QEMU things has already been implemented in WinUAE, right ?)

p.s.4. Does CyberStorm Accelerators Flash/Roms files have to be attached in Hardware/ROM miscellaneous/ Flash RAM in configuration settings to make it to work ?!

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