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BlizzardPPC + MMU option + if any UAE expansion is enabled problem found, for some reason default MMU setup which it sets during boot unmaps all autoconfig boards from address space temporarily. And UAE boot rom "hides" there if f00000 is in use. I had to add second backup location for this configuration..

(BlizzardPPC is quite special, it uses MMU, has 68060.library in flash and more..) updated.

Originally Posted by Mad-Matt View Post
Probably not relevant to anything but I would just mention that now with Accelerator emulation, Fastexec can now finally put expansion.library into fastmem (All libs now in fastmem).
Probably because your config now has non-autoconfig fast ram, I am 100% sure it has nothing to do with accelerator option.

Originally Posted by Zilog View Post
After boot crach; whitout startup-sequence don't crach. I Do other test , if disable rtg uae and use native aga don't crach.
Still can't duplicate. Your config boots fine to WB with RTG enabled.
- try without JIT. Always without JIT because dumps generated when JIT is active are totally unusable. (But wait for next official beta before attaching new dumps)
- try with 68040. Sometimes 68060 may appear to work even when correct support is missing.
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